The Perfect quiet time?

Don’t sacrifice the good for the perfect. The Perfect setting. I say this often, but we live in strange times!We spend a lot of our free time on social media with picture perfect representations of life. Pictures of perfect vacations, … Read More

Stuck at the Dessert Table

Cherry-picking In my previous blog post I compared the word of God to a vast and inexhaustible feast, a banquet to which God Himself invites us. Isaiah 55:1-3 This banquet contains all we will ever need to sustain us and … Read More

Taste & See!

The Feast of the Word. It’s interesting how many times in the Bible, God’s word and our Lord Jesus Himself, is compared to food and drink, especially bread and water. Bread and water is life, it is what sustains us, … Read More

How Flourishing Faith started

How I started. In 2014 I started as a small wedding stationery studio, designing and hand making wedding invitations etc.  I absolutely loved it and I still love wedding stationery, however I wanted to  make something that is not just … Read More